So close yet so far…

So here we are, the last week of the unit. How exciting and nerve racking.

I found the ratio a bit easier than the previous spreadsheets I have completed.

If anyone needs some feedback i would be happy to help.

Here are my drafts for Ass 2, step 7-10.

Assignment 2 – Step 7 – 10 Draft copy

Leesa Lesmeister


Step 3 draft complete! Feedback Please

Was it only me who shouted and put their arms in the air like rocky when their financial statement balanced? My poor puppy got a little fright and ran off, it’s okay she came back very excited.

I will admit, I cheated a little bit and had to ask Dr Turner for help, but it turns out I was right all along and I just needed some confirmation.

So my two minor issues were:

  1. In my SOCIE i had no other comprehensive income, while in my income statement i had quite a few items. Dr Martin clarified that “Some companies can have no Other comprehensive income (although it is not all that common)”. So not a common issue but still happens, hope no one else had this issue.
  2. I had balanced 2016-17 however i could not balance 2014-15, like everyone else this was doing my head in greatly. I had narrowed it down to a single line, unsure if it was a double up or i had made an error in calculations along the line (this seemed more probable). Turns out it was a double up as clarified by Dr Turner “What is being shown in your firm’s Income Statement for 2015 and 2014 is that its Total Comprehensive Income (CI) can be broken up into Continuing operations and Discontinued operations in 2015 and 2014. So to include Continuing operations again in Other comprehensive income would be double-counting.”

Once I read the email explaining everything, I did my rocky pose (see above photo). If anyone could give me any feedback that would be great and i would be more than happy to do the same.

Leesa Lesmeister – Allegra Orthopaedics

My current mood now that i have completed step three #thuglife

rocky two

ASS #2 – Step 3 Help!

Good evening everyone!

I hope everyone is having fun restating their financial statements. I did okay for the first two but now the income statement is showing me who boss. Anyone who needs a challenge or can help i would deeply appreciate it.

I have managed to balance 2016-2017 (hooray for me!)
at the same time i haven’t been able to balance 2014-2015 (No hooray)
i have narrowed this down to a “continued operations” income that is a negative. It is throwing out my balance, i could simple remove it but then i wouldn’t be including all items from the annual report.

I can’t tell if i have done the tax expense correctly, though I’m guessing that the fact everything balances without the above problem means it right, right?

Last but not least…. I’m not sure if my Net financial income after tax is right.

Sorry in advance about the dodgy colours, i’m tired and have to get up early.

Leesa Lesmeister – Allegra Orthopaedics

I hope everyone is having more luck restating!

– Leesa

Studiosity – Blessing in disguise?

Happy Easter!

I used Studiosity for my first draft, I found it both helpful and unhelpful. Helpful in regard to how to structure paragraphs and the assignment. Highlighting sentences that need some improvement or correct particular wording. Unhelpful to “include more academic language” and “language in general could be improved”. I understand that my writing could be more academic but how? How do I improve my language in that regard? I would find this service more effective if they could elaborate a little bit more to give any idea of how to improve rather just acknowledging it.

After correcting the problems, I tried again a few days later, I change the options to language and grammar, oh dear, did I have some work to do. What felt like my whole assignment was wrong or illiterate, it was the most helpful feedback I have received, and this time they did elaborate how to correct my language, a lot. I will note that Studiosity did recommend I remove particular content that the assignment required, of course they do not know the assignment requirements, I will be more mindful of this next time I use this service. I will use studiosity again, it is a very helpful to have access to this tool, especially as a distance education student.

– Leesa

Assignment #1 – Step 3

Happy Monday everyone!!

Anyone else need a weekend to recover from their weekend? I had my trusty study buddy helping me over the weekend. By helping, I mean a complete distraction…… but how can you say no to that face!

So some how I managed to write my draft, don’t ask me how… pretty sure it was the wine. Assignment One – Step 3 and 5

I hope some of you lovely readers like it, hope it nots too boring for you. Let me know any comments or feedback. If it’s not great, I blame my study buddy for distracting me.